Wednesday 20th November *

The Harmony Hounds

* PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF USUAL DATE - this will be the 3rd Wednesday!

* ‘Miniature Pasadena Roof Orchestra’: Jazz & dance sounds from the 

* CHRIS HOWSE (gtr/banjo/vocals) : leader, ANDY HENDERSON (cornet),
 WILLY ENTWISTLE (reeds/violin), COLIN   TURNER (bass saxophone),
 JOHN SMITH (drums).

Wednesday  December 11th

Enrico Tomasso

*A welcome return to ‘the Titan of the Trumpet': multiple British Jazz Award 
 winner in

  the Armstrong tradition.

* Supporting personnel to be arranged.

Wednesday January 22nd 2020*

Frog and Henry

* PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF USUAL DATE-this will be the 3rd Wednesday!

* The multi-talented purveyors of early jazz repertoire-New Orleans 

   Jazz’,dance bands etc-return for a third-eagerly 

* LAURIN HABERT (reeds, vocals),  EWAN BLEACH (reeds, vocals), KERMANE ARKEN  

  ( violin) H. HENRY (guitar, banjo, vocals), DAVID NEIGH (tuba-machine, banjo).




Wednesday February 12th



* Persuasive advocates of Hot Club/Gypsy Jazz and much more, 'Hotcha!' are 

   always  welcome KJC visitors.

* JON MOORE & ALAN PILL(guitars), ED HARRISON (bass), HEATH LAVERY (violin).


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