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Our last gig at Hawkshead Brewery before we move to the new Kendal Rugby Club in October was the much-anticipated (by me anyway) return visit from Jeff and Anne Barnhart plus Spats Langham.   They certainly didn't disappoint - in fact to my ears they managed to put on an even better show than last year, with Jeff and Spats delivering some jaw-dropping moments as they drove each other on to very lofty musical heights.   With Spats on banjo, the duo made great music out of just about everything they played, particularly the four rags scattered through the programme and the Alex Hill compositions  'Delta Bound', 'Stompin Em Down' and ' Baby Brown'.   Spats was on great form, producing banjo solos which defied the limitations of the instrument, and singing in faultless period style - his 'How Deep is the Ocean' was particularly affecting, while the ebullient Jeff roared through the fast numbers but then switched to blues mode on 'Glory of Love', sounding like Jimmy Yancey on speed.   But then when Anne joined these musical lions on flute and vocals, they tamed their act (sounds like the circus) to provide gentler accompaniment, making an interesting contrast.   Anne was also on very good form on flute, trading two and four-bar breaks in 'Avalon' in the first set, then playing a beautiful 'Blue Autumn' in the second.   Incidentally, although Jeff told us that this was written by Mick Lewis from Canada's Climax Jazz Band, it was very reminiscent of something Acker Bilk has done with strings, but I don't know what.   If anyone does know, please enlighten me!     Overall, when you add in the informed and amusing introductions by both Jeff and Spats, this was an evening full of delights, and one we hope to repeat next year.

So Tuesday 17 October takes us into pastures new - quite literally, although a socking great new clubhouse has been built over those pastures.   I won't go into great detail about the new venue, as we haven't seen it in finished form, but our visit a couple of months ago established that in size and access (there's a lift!) it's much more than adequate, and the comfort level should be much enhanced.   So please come along to support your club, and be among the first to check out these new and imposing premises.   And the music will be no less imposing, with the redoubtable and popular Tim Kliphuis putting his Trio through their paces - always a highlight of our year.   What's more, if you're free at lunchtime the following day, you can grab a second ration at 1pm in Kendal Town Hall at the  Midday Concert.     A musical cornucopia.